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Gina Hom

Member Since: January 04, 2016

Ms. Hom is responsible for the implementation and administration of the company’s in-house accounting and management information system, internal accounting controls and day-to-day accounting functions, including assisting with our co-op and condominium clients’ year-end audits. She is a highly capable team leader for the financial aspects of management transitions.Ms. Hom’s responsibilities also include the review of all monthly accounting entries, general ledger analysis, bank reconciliations, monthly financial statement preparation, and monitoring each property’s cash flow and cash investments. She recognizes clients’ financial requirements and provides accurate financial information on a real-time and monthly basis. Ms. Hom also plays a key role in establishing a strong working relationship with our clients, their CPAs and banking officers.Prior to opening up Crystal Real Estate Management Inc., Ms. Hom has been in this industry for 30 years and has held accounting and controller positions at Pearce, Urstadt, the Kriesel Company and Andrea Bunis Management, Inc. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Accounting from Mercy College.

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